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What you need to know

In order to get your order completed we need a few things from you.

This page helps outline what those things are so that you can be the most prepared!

acceptable file types

.ai or .pdf

a file with the .ai or .pdf extension should contain good quality vector artwork

300 dpi or higher

we are able to print photos and full color images as long as they are very good quality and size

.jpeg or .psd

a .jpeg or .psd will only work if it is a last resort and high quality

important information about your art

Artwork must be vectorized art (or there may be a digitizing fee) or minimum of 300dpi

Please provide the size you would like your artwork or we will chose for you base on

the locations requested.

Please provided all specific color choices from the Pantone Solid Coated book, or we will

chose the Pantone color that matches the closest.

If text is not outlined, please provide the font. If we do not have the font you used your artwork

could end up not looking the same.

Embed linked files and please provide them as well (they will not show up if we do not have the source image)


Notes about raster images
A file that is 72dpi can not be changed to 300dpi to meet requirements. All raster ima
ges must be submitted in their original color space (RGB or CMYK). Please do not convert from one to the other. RGB color space is recommended for full process orders.

Acrobat Files (.pdf)
PDF files must retain full editing capabilities as the program they were created in. PDF files must meet all guidelines listed for raster and vector images.

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